Saturday, July 06, 2002

Ok...well, this would be my first blog. I read about these things while on a plane headed to my best friend's wedding and was intrigued. I doubt that anyone but me will ever actually read this, but that's ok. I will introduce myself to any and all imaginary readers... I am 22 (23 in August) and graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore with a degree in French. I lived in Paris for a time and spent a summer in Avignon, France, and my ultimate goal in life is to live in Paris again. Not that I don't like the states or anything. I was born and raised in Florida and am definitely a southern girl, though I like to consider myself fairly open-minded, a feature sometimes lacking in many of my neighbors (oh, and I don't have much of an accent). I am getting ready to move to Ohio in a month, to start grad school at Kent State University. I am excited about moving out of my house and getting started on the rest of my life. I will be studying French Translation. Well, that's all for post number 1 :)